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Shiretown Days a Success for Dorchester

Shiretown Days a success for Dorchester

Published Thursday June 23rd,

 Hiring practices of village questioned by residents
by Meg Edwards

DORCHESTER – Deputy Mayor Jerome Bear reported at council’s meeting this week
that the Shiretown Days celebration on June 11, which also celebrated
Dorchester’s 100th anniversary, was a great success. Bear added that he wanted
to give a special thank you to the marching band that was formed by members of
the Dorchester Penitentiary and Westmorland Institution.

Councillor Robert Corkerton advised council that the recreation department
was going to offer one free day of summer camps on Monday, June 27 so that
children could have an introduction to the summer programs.

In other council news:

* Coun. Kim Macleod told council that she had been “getting negative
feedback” from Dorchester residents on the hiring procedure for the summer
programs in Dorchester. Of the four young people hired, only one is from
Dorchester and the other three are from Sackville.

“It is my understanding,” said MacLeod, “that the employment grants exist for
kids in our community who need to work and make money for school the next

Corkerton responded that he hired the “best candidates for the job” and that
there was no mandate saying that he had to hire from within the community.

* Coun. Grant MacDonald reported that although there were many roads that
needed repairing, or even “rebuilding,” he was asking people to be patient.

“I will not run into debt,” said MacDonald. “I am not going to overspend
because that just runs over to the next year.”

MacDonald said that Woodlawn Road and Water Street were a first priority but
that the Department of Transportation is partly responsible for the condition of
Woodlawn Road after it was used for a detour road for an extended time.

* Council passed a motion to write a letter to the South East Regional Adult
Learning Board to demand an explanation for the closing of the Adult Learning
Centre that had been held in the Dorchester Consolidated School for seven

Council questioned the closing of the centre, which offers help with résumés,
job searches, summer camps and computer software training.

* There is possibility of a minor baseball league in Dorchester this summer
because the Sackville Leagues filled up so quickly that there may be enough
youth in Dorchester and other areas to form another Bantam-age team.


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