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Baie Verte Citizens Continue to Question Irving Gas Filling Station

Baie Verte Residents continue questioning of proposed Natural Gas Station
Meg Edwards
Baie Verte citizens gathered again this week to question the safety and location of a proposed natural gas filling station in their farming community. A land lot has been purchased just off the westerly exit of Copp Loop Road on Route 16, with plans to remove the existing house, shrubs and trees in order to build a natural gas filling station for trucks, about one truck every 2 hours, according to James Vaughan, VP Health, Safety and Environment with Irving Group.
Doug Dean, project manager for J.D. Irving, Ltd confirmed that the site had been chosen because it had year round access, no weight restrictions, was no more than 8 feet from Maritime and North East Pipeline delivery plant, and 50 miles from Cavendish Farms.
Dean confirmed in detail the safety regulations of the plant, and presented photos of other filling stations that had residential properties nearby. Dean said that there are already trucks on the road that carry larger quantities of explosive material, such as gasoline trucks.
Dean also presented slides to support his argument that real estate values would not decrease in the area, but only showed examples of real estate prices near filling stations in urban areas. Wayne and Louise Phinney, who live within one km of the proposed site, were not convinced. Louise Phinney pointed out that what was missing from his presentation were real estate prices before and after a filling station had been built.
Residents continued to show resistance to the project, saying that the proposed filing station is not appropriate for the green hills of Baie Verte and would be more appropriately located in the Scoudouc Industrial Park only 30 minutes away.
Ross Fisher, from the Department of Transportation, gave a lengthy description of highway road legislation that concluded with the point that Copp Loop Road is an unrestricted road. Fisher also presented studies done to measure stopping and turning sight distances to prove that the trucks had enough space to pull out onto the road safely.
But Baie Verte residents are concerned that this stretch of highway is already dangerous, with three blind hills in a row, and Stephen Werry told Dean that he was making a formal objection to the plan, saying that a traffic study plan was essential. Another resident concluded the queries by saying, “If this station was a good idea, then we would not be here talking about it”.



  1. Jean-Luc Chassé

    humm, 24/2 = 12 trucks of Natural gas a day X 365 Days a year….lots of chance for a mishap, too much..and Gvt and Confederation Bridge will approve this? Plus, as they say,all the gas truck already already circulating on this highway.
    Hope not to be the happy tourist , or the snow plow behind one of those when something goes wrong!
    This is no longer a highway, it s becoming a pipeline.
    And still unanswered : wich fire station will be trained and equiped enough to intervene on the raod or at the filling station if something happen
    J.L Chassé

    • Jean-Luc Chassé

      Mr Dean is right to say that gasoline truck or more dangerous, but, now you are adding 12 more trucks a day (X 365 days), to the as dangerous gasoline truck already circulating on the same ” no weight restrictions” highway,
      So you are increasing the danger of a mishap on the road.

      Mr. Vaughan say there will be about a truck every 2 hours. My question is : Is this number estimated over one year of operation, , will there be less truck in winter and lots more in the fall time..1 truck every half hour in high processing season, or really only one truck every 2 hours at the current consumption of Cavendish farm.

      What if another processing plant open, what will be then the number of truck on the highway, or how big this pumping station will be getting…a mini natural gas industrial center.!..with all the right easily obtained environnement permit from the province.

      Without a local reporter, this plant would have pop out beside the higway without any local knowledge.

      If it was provincial election time, this govermnent would have certainly been defeated in this area .If this thing was so wonderfull, why have they didnt came foward and announced the big news to the population concerned.

      My question remained the same, who is trained and will be called in case of a mishap, why there will be no on site guardians 24-7 of a so dangerous plant,
      What are the future expension (or limitation) plan of this site,

      Since that road was chosen because of the ”no weight restrictions”, i would safely concluded that it wil be illegal to drive on rte 970 with those natural gas trucks…..(even if the double load wood truck from Irving storage site already do so anyway..i know, i follow a truck all the way to the avoid the scale….but, that is another stories..just to show, that there is always trick around the rules.)
      So what are the garantee that those trucks will not circulate on the village road even if a new Cie contract are opening that way.

      So, one more time, who will be call to shut a fire on the site or on the higway involving natural gas transport. Is the province have draw and practive evacuation plan.

      Remember ” STATE of the ART” only mean the best so far…only,
      look at this link, and this is only one of many internet site if you look for it

      In the mean time, i am still looking at a official site explaining that new coming site..without sucess. If any one (if any one read this any way) find the site, please, post it

      In today newspaper (Chronicle Herald) about the potential shipyard Halifax contract , Mr. Stoffer MP for Sackville said about the new deadline extension ”..will indicate the process is not free of political interference and is not as transparent as Canadians were led to believe.”

      It is exactly my point about this new site ”not as transparent as Canadians were led to believe” ….so are we here in front of a already done deal.

      J.Luc Chassé Baie Verte N.B resident

      any one reading this might disagree about my opinion….but what would you do if this was built close to your house….without public consultation,,remember, the meeting happen after the deal was already sign at the time of the public meeting

  2. Hi Jean Luc,
    I agree with your concerns and I think we should plan another meeting for the area.

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