8th Canadian Hussars ( Princess Louise's) march in Port Elgin

NB Cadets show their colors in Port Elgin

N.B. cadets show their colours in Port Elgin
Published Monday May 30th, 2011
Freedom of the City tradition goes back to ancient Rome
by meg edwards
Times & transcript staff

PORT ELGIN – The skies cleared for a parade of the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s) in Port Elgin on Saturday.

Members of the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s) cadets parade through Port Elgin Saturday. Cadet corps gathered from all over New Brunswick including an excellent marching band selected from cadets from Sussex, Cap Pele, Port Elgin, Shediac, Dieppe and Moncton.

Port Elgin hosted the ceremonial review, and was given the traditional military honor of ‘The Freedom of the Village,’ an honor that conveys the respect and trust that the community holds for the cadets.

The martial tradition goes back to ancient Rome when it was a capital offence to enter a city in formation or with weapons. Any legion whose honor was beyond question would be given the “freedom of the city” and be free to enter the city with “drums beating and colors flying.”

Justin Jacobs, dressed in the traditional uniform with brass buttons and gold cord, was found adjusting his fellow cadet’s uniforms of Corp 2335 of Port Elgin before the parade. Justin has been with the cadets for four years, as has his officer, Jacob Silliker of Port Elgin, who received The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence at the award ceremony following the parade. This award is given to those who not only excel in cadets but also are active outside of cadets and achieve excellence in school.

The award ceremony was attended by many senior members of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets, Colonel Donald Bourque, Senator Carolyn Stewart-Olsen and Port Elgin Mayor Judy Scott, who was the Reviewing Officer.

The parade started at Port Elgin School, went straight through town and ended, after the ceremonies, at the Exhibition grounds, where the proud cadets and their superiors were given a generous reception.


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