Baie Verte residents showing concern over natural gas station

Baie Verte residents showing concern over natural gas station

Published Tuesday May 31st, 2011

   Construction of transfer station expected to begin in August
by meg edwards
Times & transcript staff
Baie Verte residents filled their local hall last week when word got around that one of New Brunswick’s first natural gas filling stations was to be built on Highway 16 at Copp Loop Road.

Minister of Agriculture Mike Olscamp was in attendance, as well as representatives from Spectra Energy Transmission – Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline, Island Gas and Cavendish Farms.

Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline is planning to build a CTS – Custody Transfer Station – adjacent to the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline on Route 16. It will be a secure fenced-in facility of about 25 by 25 metres with above ground piping and a small electrical building. If approved by the National Energy Board, the construction will start in August and take approximately three months to build.

The CTS will be owned by M&NP and will deliver gas to a truck loading facility owned and operated by Island Gas Ltd for the delivery of natural gas to Prince Edward Island; the final destination will be Cavendish Farms, owned and operated by Irving Ltd.

With an expected 12 steel tube trailers, each carrying 14 long tubes of natural gas, entering and exiting the small highway every day, residents are concerned about traffic and safety issues.

Residents also questioned the companies about the possibility of odour from the station, and a few residents expressed concern that their land will decrease in value.

After the meeting Minister Olscamp said that residents had legitimate concerns about three main issues: the location of the station, propriety values and safety. Regarding the safety, the station is equipped with automatic station shut downs and the plant is continuously monitored by operations staff at Cavendish and at Irving Industrial Security.

Olscamp said that he was pushing for another public meeting in which the details of the meeting would be “nailed down,”, such as the location of the plant, which according to local residents, could be much further back from the road.


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  1. Which fire station will be trained in cas of a misap
    Distance control shut off, who will be a the wheel at this remote control office
    Why so many natural gas cylinders squeeze in such a small enclosure
    Will there be a warning light on the highway to warn traffic of a sloww merging truck full of gas
    Will there be protective earth mound built to deflect a blast upward.
    What will be the cooling fire facilities at this site.
    Why someone is always standing at the tinish border road doing , we dont know what, but it will be ok to have all those cylinder in a field with no on site duty guard.
    What about the rest of the land, will it be a storage falcility for gas exploration, dirty fracking water storage retention tank.
    Why , if it still under approval, that the trucking job offer is already out with a starting date…must be an already done deal
    Is tghis station intend to truck elwere and use baie Verte road, or is the trucking will have to comply to follow highway and scale, the wood truck trucking dont, why should i hope, the gas trucking will do.
    How many time will i see a natural gas truck park at the Baie Verte hall , other trucks often do .
    By the way, why is this parking for the hall is now use as an overnight trucking stop, wasnt designed for that.

    This project is scary because the gvt is in conflict of interest, they on one hand want to eliminate the use of electric heat in house (they back up because people told them to so) and prone for other fuel central heating, but on the other side, brag how much equivalent pollution this natural gas will save
    ” the equivalent of taking 4,00 cars a year off the road ”, they are not taking car of the road, they are addind diesel
    smell of truck on road and iddling at the filling station, and burning fuel to grow stuff at Irving farm that should be growing outside as all other farmers and gardeners should do, any way, what is this farming have to do with new brunswick. Herwe, we will take the inconvenient of a blow out, and there, they are so happy to grow green. If this sation is mainly built to supply that is scary to think how much mongol energy hungry that farm is…and what are they burning now anyway.
    My concern is , no guardian on site, remote control, no fire station equiped to fight such a potential bomb, dangerous good transiting day and night, unclear expension, and use of the remaining of the land, no blast deflector, lack of transpirancy from gvt, back door deal with Irving and environnement permit, potential increasing transit of truck into via Baie Verte and Port Elgin.
    When I voted, i was convinced this gvt will promote Wind power, then when at the elm power, they are jet moving into gas exploitation , and water contamination, and will they do with the radiactive sluges, and salty polluted fracking that at Coop Loop the phase expension 2. look at internet site ” Micheal Sisak, Explosion sends fireball over mountain top” Scew unnatural PEI farming at my expenses, thinking when my bedrooms window will blow out one of those night a tired truck driver will do a mistake at the filling station.

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