Baie Verte renews Advisory Committee

Baie Verte renews advisory committee
Published Thursday April 7th, 2011
Citizens vote to re-nominate Baie Verte Local Services District Advisory Committee
by meg edwards
Times & Transcript Staff

A small crowd of Baie Verte citizens re-nominated their Local Services District Advisory Committee Tuesday night, confident that they are one of the most active LSD’s of the province.

Gerry Chapman, Steven Werry, Mary Jo Murray and Maureen Allen are back in their seats until the next election in two years. Their most pressing issue at present is fixing the damage to their seaside park caused by storms and high tides during the winter storms.

Daniel Goguen, the local service manager from the Department of Local Government who officiated the election, explained that the role of the Advisory Committee is to provide local services and ensure the input of the residents.

The LSD Advisory Committee has no financial or contractual authority but is responsible for the yearly budget and administration of the parks and community hall.

New homeowners Tina Gaugin and Robert Mackenzie attended the meeting, and were curious how the community made decisions, such as renovations or upkeep of the hall. Goguen explained that the residents’ property taxes go towards many costs such as street lighting, solid waste pick up, and the fire department, with a limited amount dedicated to maintaining the hall or local parks.

Project proposals are passed by the Department of Local Government for approval, and park or hall improvements often become a community effort, with residents either applying for grants from the provincial government, or raising the money and labour within the community.

“There is no extra money,” said Murray, saying that the council was careful to cover important infrastructure costs before doing any outside projects.

Robert Mackenzie’s active involvement in the meeting lead to him accepting a position on the council.

“We need some fresh blood” said Chapman, who nominated him.


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