Sackville Invited to Join Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Sackville invited to join Fundy Biosphere Reserve
Published Thursday January 13th, 2011
by meg edwards
Times & Transcript staff

Sackville has been invited to join the Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve is an environmental organization that recognizes the unique ecosystem and cultural history of the Bay of Fundy, an area that includes the Fundy National Park and the New Brunswick side of the upper Bay of Fundy.

The designation of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) would give Sackville “an added value,” said Andrew Spring, executive director of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve, at this week’s council meeting.

Spring added that the membership would reinforce Sackville’s work in supporting and developing sustainable development.

He reminded Sackville council that tourists travel the world to visit the reserves designated by UNESCO and that the Fundy Biosphere Reserve is one of only 15 ecosystems in Canada with this special designation.

Bonnie Swift, Sackville’s director of economic development, was optimistic about becoming a member, saying that there were many opportunities for mutual support.

Harold Jarche, chair of Renaissance Sackville, an organization that is committed to Sackville’s community development, was proud to announce, in his bi-annual report to council, that Renaissance Sackville seemed to have become the “‘go to’ place for students who want to work with the town.”

Jarche listed off the many activities spearheaded by Renaissance Sackville, including printmaking workshops, video workshops in the schools, downtown beautification, Local Food Days, and the Wellness Expo that will be held Saturday in the Tantramar Regional High School from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sackville has managed to maintain the tax rate of 1.5350 per $100 of assessment, with the water and sewer rates remaining the same as well. The council has received many requests for grants from community groups for sports and other activities, almost twice the amount allowed for in the budget.


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