Baie Verte Storm Surge 2010

Baie Verte council discusses storm surge
Published Wednesday April 28th, 2010
Council ponders costs of repairing public beach
By Meg Edwards
Times & Transcript Staff

In last week’s Baie Verte council meeting, the members of the Local Service District discussed the damage that was done to the park and coastline by the dramatic storm surge last January.

Photo MEG EDWARDS/TIMES & TRANSCRIPTThis photo shows the crushed playground in the Baie Verte area.

In last week’s Baie Verte council meeting, council discussed the damage done to the park by a storm surge in January. The storm occurred on a “Blue Moon,” the second full moon of the month, and this particular combination of high winds and a high tide caused major damage to the coastal areas of Baie Verte and neighboring Port Elgin.

The public beach and picnic area of Baie Verte was crushed by massive slabs of ice that were lifted up and on to the land. While the flag pole still miraculously stands, many trees and the children’s play area were crushed.

Stephen Werry, secretary of the Baie Verte Council, says that the Local Service District is investigating the costs of repair. Werry says that the destruction of the coast line is worrying.

“I think people are concerned that the gradual erosion is starting to approach the highway, and there is a distinct possibility that another heavy blow could take part of that road out, depending on which way the wind is blowing,” he said.

Werry points out that the residential area of Baie Verte was created when the bay had a dyke.

“This area here was developed as a result of a dyke, and I have an aerial photo that shows where the old dyke actually ran, and the gap in it now.” he said.

Some Baie Vertre residents have expressed interest in rebuilding a dyke in order to protect the area from the rising ocean. Werry says that the dyke photographed in 1947 was already damaged, and that rebuilding the dyke is unlikely due to environmental protection policies.


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