New European Deli Opens in Sackville

European Deli Opens in Sackville

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Published Thursday February 11th, 2010
by Meg Edwards
times & transcript staff

Photographs by Meg Edwards
A recently opened delicatessen located on Bridge Street in Sackville is causing a buzz. Customers are thrilled by the arrival of Pickles — Deli and Specialty Foods.

Bridge Street in Sackville has a new business- Pickles – Deli and Specialty Foods.

Bridge Street in Sackville has a new business- Pickles – Deli and Specialty Foods. “We needed this place,” says Bernadine Conron, a local resident who stopped in to order a variety of thinly sliced meats and specialty cheeses recently.

“There was something missing and now we have it.”

Another man purchasing a bottle of Curry-Ketchup imported from Germany said with satisfaction, as he handed over his money, “You just saved me a trip to Halifax.”

Owner Gabi Hunter is pleased by the reception in Sackville.

“They all say they are so glad I am here,” says Gabi.

The uncluttered and airy deli has rows of imported goodies from pickles and sauces to cookies and non-alcoholic beer.

The meats and cheeses on display behind glass are from local farms and distributors, while baskets of homemade bread are artfully displayed.

The deli is not a restaurant, although there are a few seats for those who cannot wait to get at their fresh sandwiches.

Four to five different types of affordable sandwiches are offered every day with salads and drinks.

Gabi and her husband David moved to Sackville almost a year ago from Vancouver. “People are curious why we chose to come here, but my husband had worked (on the East Coast) a while ago and liked it, and it is much more affordable.”

Gabi, who is originally from Austria, had planned to start an enterprise when her youngest, who is four years old, was ready for school, but when the empty store came up she thought, “Why wait and let an opportunity slide.”

Now customers from near and far are lining up for a ‘pulled pork’ sandwich on fresh rye or Bechtle German egg noodles and a bottle of pickles from a deli that offers a taste of Europe.


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