Jean Coutu Moves – Sackville

Sackville Jean Coutu moves

Published Friday November 5th, 2010

Upgrade necessary for store to stay modern, enhance services

by Meg Edwards
Times & Transcript staff
Source: Times & Transcript

The Jean Coutu Pharmacy in Sackville has moved into the 10,000 square feet building next door, allowing Aaron Lloyd, pharmacist and owner, to expand and modernize the pharmacy, add two sit down digital photo kiosks, increase the cosmetics section and add a full display of paperback books to their enlarged magazine display.

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The new location for Jean Coutu in Sackville allows for more space and offerings than the previous location next door.The new location for Jean Coutu in Sackville allows for more space and offerings than the previous location next door.

Lloyd says that when the store first opened 19 years ago, “it was ideal for Sackville,” but the average size Jean Coutu was much smaller then.

“Now,” says Lloyd, “the average size (of a store) is 9,000 square feet and we were trying to do everything they did in the smaller space of 3,700 square feet.”

Lloyd says that the move, which took place on Oct. 13, was necessary.

“The biggest transformation is the lab and the pharmacy area,” says Lloyd. “It is all new and modern with a private office with sinks in it and the ability to provide one-on-one counseling.”

The pharmacy will now be able to hold clinics on topics such as blood pressure and diabetes as well a flu clinic planned this month. Lloyd says that he is happy to be able to offer more to his customers. It is a great benefit to be able to “sit down with patients, to do med checks and review their file,” says Lloyd.

In transforming the next door building into a Jean Coutu store, Lloyd had to appease both the Heritage Board in Sackville and the head office of Jean Coutu.

“I made quite a few phone calls,” says Lloyd, in order to negotiate a red stone that fit in with the store fronts common to downtown Sackville as well as with the red brick more commonly used for Jean Coutu stores.


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