Moncton’s Summer Cultural Series- June, 2010

This summer you will be able to enjoy live music with your coffee at the Market on Saturday morning, in the afternoon at the park with the kids, and on a weekday evening when the heat of the day has cooled and  a garden park is the place to be.

Open air concerts will be plentiful this summer with three live performances a week  planned from the first Saturday in July until the last day of August.  Moncton’s Summer Cultural Series is booked and ready to go!

Event Coordinator Mylene (Penny) Mazerolle is hoping for a sunny summer to accommodate the  outdoor concerts planned for the three different venues: Victoria Park (every Tuesday night at 7pm) ; Centennial Park (every Saturday afternoon at 2 pm); and the Moncton  Farmer’s Market (every Saturday at 10 am).

When booking the three different venues Mylene said that she considered the public that goes to the different locations,  “For example, Victoria Park attracts an older crowd, so I choose country and relaxing music, and Centennial Park is for the family, so I got mostly young performers, so that the young people can relate to them and make it more of a family atmosphere”.  And at the Farmer’s Market in Moncton,  Mylene says, “I tried to put, how can I put this, the performers that are very creative”.

Mylene was looking specifically for bilingual artists, “I wanted both languages in each of the venues”, says Mylene.  And to honor the visiting athletes of the IAAF World Junior Championships, a special performance has been organized for July 24th  by MAGMA (Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area) at the Farmer’s Market.

One of the first shows planned for July at the Farmer’s Market  is TBA, a collective of artists and musicians who sometimes perform on the stage together.  Jonah Hache, a musician and member of TBA collective says that while a musician is performing, there will be one of the TBA’s  travel art stands in the background showing the paintings and photography of local  artists. “We just returned from a tour of Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa,” says Hache, “ We took our travel art stand and brought all our Moncton art with us, because we  like to show off our local artist’s work”.

Jonah will be giving a solo show at the Market in July, describing his own music as acoustic, “mellow and funky”, as well as performing with his band, Something Delicious, in August. The Farmers’ Market offers a diverse crowd and, according to Jonah, gives people a chance to view a band that they might not normally see.

“It really mixes people together, and it is nice to get people into different things and open their minds a bit”. Jonah says that his band, Something Delicious, is “a mish mash of metal and punk” but they have written an acoustic set for the market to accommodate the venue.

Also playing at the Farmer’s Market is Shawn Chiasson, under the name, Underleaf. Describing himself as a “independent folk’ musician. Shawn says that “Playing outside in the summer is a lot of fun, it is a different vibe”.

Appearing at Centennial Park in August is a rising star, our own Miss Teen New Brunswick, Michele Thibodeau, whose girl-like voice belies her business like approach to her performances. At seventeen years old she describes herself as a  “self employed musician” saying that she has performed between five and ten shows every summer since she began performing at fifteen years, singing her own songs as well as cover songs from some of her favorite singers like Beyonce and Carrrie Underwood.

A classically trained musician, Michele discovered that she loved to perform her own songs and accompany herself on guitar or piano. Michele, who is working on her second CD this year, is hoping for dry weather.  She says she played Centennial Park last year, and “it basically got rained out and that was disappointing, so hopefully this year it will be nice weather”.

Also hoping for a dry run is Ivan Hicks and the Sussex Avenue Fiddlers, who are booked in August for Victoria Park. The fiddling group is well known for their benefits and concerts and have been “all over Eastern Canada, as far as the Ottawa Valley and down into the States as far as Louisiana”.

Last year the fiddling group was rained out for two consecutive nights at Victoria Park , but Hicks is optimistic about this year.  “Fiddlers enjoy a nice summer evening”, he says “and the way Victoria Park is situated, we usually get big crowds there”.  Ivan Hicks says that he and his band have played at most of the summer concerts in Moncton over the years. 

This year the fiddling group, that can number as many as fifty fiddlers from the age of nine years to ninety years, if they are all present, will be part of the opening ceremonies of the IAAF World Championships. “This year we are going to be part of the summer games and the opening ceremony”, says Hicks, “Somewhere around one hundred  fiddlers will be there, and our fiddlers are part of that massive group”. 

Hicks agrees with Mylene’s demographics, “Yes, usually it is the white haired people that come out to see some ol’ time fiddling” he says, but he adds, his group of fiddlers also includes some young step dancers that will dance in the performance. 

The many musicians invited to perform all over the city are unanimous in their appreciation of the city’s efforts to promote the arts. As Ivan Hicks, says “We just appreciate being asked by the City of Moncton  to do one of the programs for the summer and we are looking forward to doing it”.  Jonah Hache agrees, “ I am happy about the invitation, it gives is a chance to do our thing.”


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