Art Classes in the Moncton Area- Jan. 2010

You can do a pretty good sketch of your boss during a three hour meeting but could you really learn to draw?  Art classes may be your chance to discover a latent talent and make friends in a new environment.

Dennis Reid, owner of The Art Shack in Dieppe, says that people have all different reasons to take an art class. ‘We get absolute beginners and people with advanced skills”, says Reid, “Some people go to an art class to be with other people and for the social environment. And there are also students that take classes in order to build up a portfolio before applying for university”.

“Students can join a group class or have a private class”, says Corey Reid, who recently graduated from McKenzie College of Art and Design in Moncton, and works part time in the Art Shack supply store. “You can take a private lesson here or we have a mobile studio where the teacher goes to your house”.  Classes are offered continuously at The Art Shack and students can drop in and out according to their own schedule.

Kathy Linfield, a New Brunswick artist known for her unique raku art, and graduate of Mount Allison’s Fine Art Department, (  teaches the adult art class at The Art Shack. Says Corey,  “The students can work in whatever medium they want to, and if a student is working on something and is stuck, Kathy will show them what she would do. Each person works on their own project and she gives general knowledge that applies to everyone”.

For a more structured approach to instruction some students might be drawn to Stephen Bauckman’s eight week long drawing and water color painting courses at his studio and gallery, Bauckman’s Fine Arts Studio in Lower Coverdale.

Stephen is internationally recognized for his water color paintings; reproductions of  his work have been bought by Jeb Bush (George Bush’s brother and former Governor of Florida), Brian Mulroney (who bought a reproduction of a poster celebrating Irish history) and Charleton Heston. Bauckman says he is surprised by his notoriety at times.  “Charleton Heston has three of my religious reproductions, but God Rest his Soul, he passed away a couple of years ago”.

Stephen believes that everyone has talent lying dormant inside of them. He says “ A lot of people are intimidated to join an art program  because they feel they have to have skill at a certain level. One thing that I do is assure them is that I will help them find their talent. I use a lot of the Betty Edwards’ philosophy from  Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain. She is a firm believer, as a professional educator most of her  life, that everybody has the talent to draw or paint”

Stephen says that at first we all love to draw but many of us leave art behind at the age of about ten years old. Children at that age begin to recognize that the “stored images” that they have memorized , such as the standard drawing of a house that every child does, is a symbol that does not  really express what they are seeing.

Stephen finds that children of the age of  ten  “..are  no longer satisfied with what they can achieve. They want to make their picture look like something they are sketching (but)  they have become more discerning in observing things and they just don’t feel as though they can render reality accurately enough. So a lot  of them walk away from art around that time”

Stephen has been giving art classes for many years. His children’s classes, for ages ten, eleven and twelve, are basic drawing classes.  His adults classes, which are drawing classes at a higher level, include teenagers. “I put the teens in with the adults” says Stephen, “because I find that  once they are in  their teens the talent seems to level out. You can have a very talented thirteen year old  working next to someone in their forties of fifties  and the results can be even or sometimes the teenagers composition might surpass the adults”.

“It really depends  on the training the student has had and the amount of natural talent”, says Stephen, “ I find the two groups ( adults and teens)  are very compatible and in actual fact they seem to amuse each other. The one common denominator  with all my students is that they are there because they want to be there”.

In his work as a teacher Bauckman’s mission is to  help people to journey back to that fork in the road when they walked away from art. “I help  them rediscover that intersection and put them on the right path”.

Stephen also offers a water color course which, he is quick to point out, is not as hard a medium as people think.  “People are scared to death of watercolor. They think it is a medium fraught with accidents but when I show them proper technique, I can show them that it is a very easy to control this medium”.

“Another myth that I dispel is that watercolor paintings will have a soft pastel like tone. When you see a water color  painting with a lot of light tones it simply indicates that the artist does not have enough experience to put down the color he or she really wants. It is my favorite medium, I have been doing watercolors since I was in university. I fell in love with water color in the first class I ever took”.

What – Art Classes

Where and When:

             The Art Shack.

            Phone Number : 855-7422

            370 Acadia Ave, Dieppe ( across from the City Hall)   


The Art Shack offers classes on  week day nights. On Saturday they have children’s classes and on Sundays there is a Life Drawing class with no instruction and a professional mode. The website is being updated. Call to confirm times and dates.

            Stephen Bauckman’s Fine Art Studio.

            Phone Number: 386-1310

             2 Laurelwood Drive, White Birch Estate,

            Lower Coverdale (8 km down Hills Rd from new bridge)


New courses are starting in January, check the website for dates and times.


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