Sackville Public Discussion Meeting- Oct. 2010

Sackville’s Director of Economic Development, Bonnie Swift, reported to council that ”multibillion dollar multinational companies”, like Acciona, have learnt their lesson, and have become more collaborative with those who choose to develop wind farms.

At a conference on wind power in Moncton in September held by CanWea  (Canadian Wind Energy Association)  Swift learnt that that the town of Lameque in Northern New Brunswick negotiated a profit sharing deal with Acciona, as well as 100 long term jobs.

Councilor Margaret Tusz-King agreed saying that new wind policies will give the municipalities more leverage when negotiating. “Wind power is coming“, said Swift, “and we need to be prepared for it”, adding that the Atlantic provinces should work together to reduce tariffs between the provinces. Swift plans to meet with representatives from Lameque to find out how the negotiations worked.    

In other news:

Councilor Virgil Hammock presented a letter to the council with between 70- 80 signed signatures that questioned the towns’ policy regarding Request for Proposals for public art in the proposed building that will hold the town hall, the fire hall and RCMP quarters. Councilor Hammock said that he would write a letter to explain the policy as well as hold a public meeting in November, but that a RFP is similar to any tender in that the town cannot give preference to local applications. Councilor Hammock reminded that council that the building has a gallery planned in the front lobby to present local artists and that the RFP was for 3- 4 places within the building for long term public art.

The new building is also being watched carefully by residents of Wellington Street who worry that an emergency exit in the back of the proposed building will create extra traffic for them. Councilor Merrill Fullerton wanted to confirm to council that he would “Continue to fight for solutions that minimize traffic to this neighborhood”.  Deputy Mayor Bob Berry emphasized that the exit was necessary and only for emergencies.

Councilor John Higham said that the upcoming budget would be a tight squeeze, “with a conditional grant freeze, and a tax assessment freeze, and more downloading, most likely, at the last moment”. Higham announced that there would be an open house regarding the budget at the Civic Center on October 19th at 7 pm. Because the town has recently reorganized all their departments the budget will be zero based and not compared to last year’s budget. The emphasis will be on following the town’s strategic plan and pursuing as much of it as possible without over spending.


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