Public Screening of “Gaslands” at Vogue Theater in Sackville- Sept. 2010

There was full house at the Vogue Theater last  night in Sackville when the Conservation Council of New Brunswick  and Mount Allison’s radio station CHMA offered a free public screening of “Gasland”, an American documentary film by Josh Fox about the effects ‘ hydrofracking’ on the water supply of many American home owners. In a low budget hand held style, the film documents the research of Josh Fox, who has been offered $100,000 for the lease of his parent’s home in Pennsylvania by an oil and gas company. Some well-known scenes include well water and streams bubbling like soda water and kitchen sinks going up in flames when the water coming out of the tap is touched with a flame.  

Before the screening Green Party candidate Margaret Tusz-King called for a moratorium on ‘fracking’ in New Brunswick, saying that the “environment is not negotiable when it comes to economic development”.  Tusz-King says that the present provincial regulations  are not sufficient to protect the region’s residents and wildlife and that the Green Party would propose more municipal and local control in decision making.

B ill Evans, candidate for the New Democratic party,  was also in attendance, and called attention to the fact that while all the candidates had been invited to speak at the screening, the “ the two traditional parties of big business were not present”. Evans said that the degradation of the environment is a symptom of a system in which profit driven companies rule the province.  He says that oil and gas exploration has not been proven to be safe, or publicly supported, and shows no sign of being an economic benefit to the people of Sackville.

“Fracking’ is the process of injecting a mixture of water and chemicals deep into the ground to break up the shale and release oil and gas. ‘Fracking’ takes an enormous amount of water and uses a number of chemicals that are considered a ‘trade secret’.  In the United States, the State of New York has banned ‘fracking’ while the Environmental Protection Agency studies its impact on human health and the environment.


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