Dorchester Council Meeting- Sept. 2010

On Monday evening Dorchester Council voted unanimously in support of proclaiming November 14 – 21, Restorative Justice Week, with the theme, “Reflexions Past Present and Future’.  In a proclamation presented by the Correctional Services Canada and read by Deputy Mayor Jerome Bear, Restorative Justice was explained as a program that allows victims the chance to communicate with offenders in a safe and respectful process.

The program, which is not intended to have any direct impact on an offenders’ sentence or parole decisions, has been used within correctional systems since 1996 and is celebrated as a valid choice for dealing with conflict. The program facilitates healing, allowing the victim to ask questions of the offender, while the offender has the chance to take responsibility and offer reparation. Moreover, the surrounding community has the opportunity to understand the root causes of the conflict.

 In other news:

Alexander MacQuarrie was voted in as the newest member of the volunteer fire department in the ‘bring on strength’ category and the council passed a motion to have the Dorchester Volunteer Fire Department work in tandem with the village’s maintenance department by having the bi-yearly flushing of the water lines scheduled after the fire department’s mandatory pressure testing of the fire hoses.

Councilor Kim MacLeod reported that Mount Allison’s Dr. Michael Fox has recommended to council that the loss of one of the two representatives from Dorchester on the Tantramar Planning District Commission board “would not be detrimental to the village.”


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