Sackville Council Meeting – February 8, 2010

Sackville Council welcomed new Chief Administrative officer, Eric Mourant to the town last night.

Councilor Margaret Tusz-King introduced Mourant saying that he had experience in municipal, provincial and territorial levels in public and private service, as well as experience in organizational development and human resources. A bilingual New Brunswicker and Chartered Accountant, Mourant and his family are moving from to Sackville from Fredericton, where he was the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes.

“We’d all like to thank Mr. Beal for stepping into the breach and acting as the CAO”, said Councilor Hammock. Mr. Michael Beal, who is Treasurer for the Council, did a lot of work that is not visible to the outside public, said Councilor Higham, “ And we liked to thank him and all the other staff for their work. All that you guys did was amazing”.

Councilor Tusz-King said that the Search Committee hired Gerald Walsh recruiting last year to expedite their search. In the first sweep there were fifty applicants from across Canada which was short listed to four applicants in early December. In January two candidates were interviewed and Mr Mourant was decided upon.

The new EMO building proposed to house the city hall, police and fire department has been slightly delayed by the weather but in the spring there will be a tender going out for construction. Says Beal, “There will be a shell up by November 2011 and an anticipated opening in summer of 2011”.

With the RCMP’s commitment to lease and occupy part of the new building the town will be able to ensure capital dollars towards the construction of the building.

In other news:

Bryan Maclean from the Sackville Combines addressed council during the pre-meeting question period, asking why his team’s application for a grant had been turned down based on the fact that is was not a youth group when the application for grants had not defined ‘youth’ sports as a prerequisite.

Council explained that the funds for sports related grants are limited and they had decided to focus on groups that emphasized youths. Maclean persuasively argued that the Sackville Combines are not a ‘for-profit’ organization, barely making it by on their expenses. He said that they have never asked for money before and that they regularly contribute to community events and offer their services to youth groups.

Councilor Michael Tower said that the Sackville Combines made a profit in the canteen when they played, which was money that went straight back into the arena. Mayor Estabrooks agreed that the issue deserved examination, but that the funding was probably settled for this year.

Constable Levesque reminded the council and the attending public that the RCMP is still looking for information regarding the hit and run that occurred on Monday Feb 1st at about 10:55 pm on Main Street in Sackville. A 21 year old female student was hit by an oncoming car in front of Sassy’s Convenience. The driver sped up and fled the scene.

Councilor Hammock commented that the council does have plans to put a sidewalk in that built up area and that “it is was an accident waiting to happen.” Constable Levesque asked the public to report any information to their office phone lines 1-888-506-RCMP ( 7267) or 533-5151, or to Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


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