Sackville Council Meeting – August, 2010

Sackville’s Mayor Patricia Estabrooks opened the council meeting last night with an announcement that East Link’s television coverage of the council meetings was coming to an end. The Mayor thanked East Link for their work over the years, saying that many people were concerned about losing the viewing. ”I didn’t think that people really watched the meetings, but they do”, said the Mayor, recommending to council that a letter be written to East Link requesting that they continue the coverage of the meetings until Sackville finds a replacement. East Link will continue to broadcast council meetings but is working with municipalities to find alternative sources for the camera work.
Sackville Council agreed to allow local business, Pickles Deli, to set up a hotdog stand on Main Street in front of Ducky’s Bar from 10 pm to 3 am. Councilor Merrill Fullerton said that “In principle I support this, because I really like this business, but I don’t know if we should be giving a ‘carte blanche’ “ ( to street food vendors) , the council agreed and added a friendly amendment that this license to sell hot dogs be a one-time contract ending in December 2010.
Council also agreed to support the Tantramar Planning District Commission’s decision to reduce each community’s representatives. In many cases representatives don’t turn up at meetings leaving the commission without a quorum or the ability to make decisions. Sackville’s representation will be cut from five people to four. Margaret Tusz-King reminded the director of Tantramar Planning District Commission, Ron Corbett, that women are being under-represented. Corbett responded that they were actively looking for women to participate.
Council also approved of a Code of Conduct for Elected Municipal Officials, with a 6 Step Conflict resolution. One section of this motion, a policy on conflict resolution between Managerial employees and the Chief Administrative Officer, in which managerial employees were encouraged to talk to the CAO within five working days of any incident, was meant to be a “helpful tool, and a process more than a policy”, according to Councilor Margaret Tusz-King, but found dissenters, with three of the eight councilors voting against it. Councilor Joyce O’Neil said she was uneasy with the process and thought that a managerial employee might prefer to go to a liaison councilor before directly approaching the CAO with a problem.
Council was asked to approve of an half hour extension to the noise by-law on September 7th 2010, ( allowing the live music to end at 11:30 pm instead of 11 pm) to accommodate Mount Allison University’s orientation concert, or ‘bash’ that takes place every September in frosh week. Councilor Merrill Fullerton was the only one to cast his vote against the extension, “I respectively disagree and will be voting against this motion”, said Fullerton, pointing out that the timing of the concert was, unlike other popular events like Sappy Fest, on a week night, “There are young families in the neighborhood, and some of us actually work in this town”.


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