Sackville CAO Gets to Work- Mar. 2010

The new Chief Administrative Officer of Sackville, Eric Mourant, who was appointed on February 8 of this year, gave his first report to council this month.

In his presentation, Mourant acknowledged the warm welcome that he has received from Sackville council and the town members. Clearly enthusiastic, Mourant relayed that on “Day one I met with my department heads as a group and told them that my priority was to make the Town of Sackville as successful as possible”.

Mourant has jumped in with vigor and energy. Since meeting the department heads individually he has participated in the budget, met with many representatives from organizations in Sackville and the administration of Mount Allison, been interviewed by a class from the university and participated in a public presentation on the new Emergency Services/Town Hall.

He says he is ready to begin the review of the Human Resource Management Plan and will submit recommendations next month. He has already recommended that all the council members who are department heads present the highlights of their reports at the council meetings and post the same information on the Town’s website prior to the public meetings.

One of Mourant’s most pressing tasks is to find a graphic artist to create a “ inspiring, motivating and energizing” logo for the town that it will then use on letterheads, flags and signs.

Mourant feels some urgency in this project because he would like the logo to be on the water tower that is in the beginning stages of construction. In order to get the logo on the water tower, which will be visible for miles around, Mourant needs the logo to be approved in April.

“Considering the tremendous opportunity that exists with this water tower, I believe that we could accelerate this process” , says Mourant. He has recommended that the town assign a couple of graphic designers and then submit the options to the Sackville population for their appreciation, prior to the council’s final decision.


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