Rogue All-Terrain Vehicle Drivers play ‘cat and mouse’ with RCMP- Aug. 2010

Dorchester Council discussed the difficulty of controlling All-Terrain Vehicles at council meeting last night. Stories were traded about the ‘cat and mouse’ relationship between ATV drivers who keep an eye and ear on the whereabouts of the RCMP. Mayor Goodland said that scanners give the ATV drivers a pre-warning before the RCMP turn up, also noting that the rogue drivers know that the roads are clear of RCMP presence after 3 AM.
“They are thumbing their proverbial nose (and finger) at the police”, said Mayor Melvin Goodland. Constable Leger agreed, saying the police’s response is “to charge them on anything we can, no warnings”, recounting an experience he had while keeping an eye on a group of ATV drivers. Apparently the drivers were making rude gestures towards him but when one of the drivers took off his helmet Constable Leger took a photo and later charged him with driving without a helmet.
In a tale related by Mayor Goodland, a group of off-roaders drove up to the local convenience store to buy alcohol. A constable on duty stayed to watch if they would drive away from the store on the highway. After a long standoff, Goodland continued, “In which the police wouldn’t leave, so the ATVer’s couldn’t leave”, the group ended up pushing their ATV’s down the road.
Mayor Goodland told RCMP Constable Leger at the council meeting last night that “the extra RCMP presence in the community has been noted and that it seemed to be having an effect”.
Constable Leger said that the ATV’s were “a big issue across the district”, because the ATV drivers know that the RCMP, due to liability issues, cannot chase them in their police vehicles.


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