Port Elgin School Celebrates the Regional Health Center- Feb. 2010

Residents gathered in Port Elgin Regional Public School yesterday to celebrate the health clinic that has been been set up inside the school. A room that was once used for meetings has been converted into a spacious clinic for the Port Elgin and Region Health Center, with a separate entrance for visiting patients.

With about forty people in attendance Principal Brian Dean welcomed the Health Clinic and said that the assimilation of the clinic into the school’s main building has been ‘seamless’.

Deans says that “ we hardly know they are there”. Meanwhile, inside the clinic the only signs that you are in the school is the occasional bell ringing and the sound of laughter and footsteps.

Dean says that they have only just begun to see how the relationship between the school and the clinic could develop. The clinic has been opened since November 2009 and Nurse Practitioner Corinna Power says that the clinic has developed a monthly education program in which presentations are made to different age groups in the school on such topics as exercise or nutrition.

Power says that the extra space has allowed them to offer more services. “ We have enough room now to be able to offer the nurse practitioner’s services as well as a special clinic on diabetes, and a visiting doctor, at the same time”.

According to the manager of the clinic, Rob Zwicker, the clinic’s walk-in patents have “ more than doubled”. The clinic had 256 patients one evening last fall when the clinic offered the H1N1 vaccine.

Principal Brian Dean is enthusiastic about the potential for collaboration between the school and the clinic and likes the way the clinic makes the school into a focal point for the community.


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