Port Elgin Public Library Re-Opens

Celebrations for Port Elgin Public Library’s 50th anniversary began on Tuesday when it opened its doors after two weeks of renovations. An official ribbon was cut by the new desk of library manager Kate Gregg.

“It is what Port Elgin library needed”, says Gregg, ”and we really needed it, and deserved it”.

At approximately 500 square feet, Port Elgin’s library is possibly the smallest library in the province, but the renovations have breathed new life into the small space. With fresh light colored walls and carpeting, as well as a new layout and broad new shelves, the library appears to be much bigger.

The library circulates books for 600 patrons, “ which is amazing for this small community” says Gregg.

A team of librarians from Moncton joined Gregg in the moving and sorting of books, as well as volunteers from the library board such as Lorna Biddle and Board Chair, Nancy Oulton.

With the new layout Gregg can now face the front door from behind a spacious desk. Display spaces have increased allowing Gregg to create a nook for Young Adults. “It is out of the children’s area and closer to the adult section which moves young adult readers towards the adult books, which is good”, says Gregg. The new space is wheel chair accessible.

Port Elgin Public Library will be hosting a Reader’s Olympics over the next year, in honor of their anniversary, as well as many other events.


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