Port Elgin Council Meeting- May, 2010

Terry Legere, a school bus driver who was born and raised in Port Elgin,won an elected seat in Port Elgin’s council in Monday’s Municipal By-Election.

Legere says that he ran for council so that his opinions can be heard. “If I am sitting at home, no one can hear me, but at least this way I can say something where it will mean something”.

With the voter turnout at 37.87%, Legere won handily with 40 votes. There are 288 eligible voters in Port Elgin but only 109 ballots were collected; 30 votes were counted for for Brenda Lee Jones, 27 for Denise A. Murphy and 11 for Lynda Lukey.

Two residents of the Port Elgin Trailor park attended council meeting last night to complain about garbage. Margaret Blackmore and Marilyn Halfkenny said that someone was dumping bags of garbage and mattresses on other people’s lots, including an absent landowners’ field.

Mayor Judy Scott suggested that tenants were responsible for their own lots but the concerned residents wondered whether the village could help enforce the rules.

Deputy Mayor Val MacDermid explained that the village does not have a by-law enforcement officer and that a pamphlet reminding residents of their responsibilities, “is all we can do legally”.

Council agreed to send out a pamphlet reminding the trailer park residents to clean up their lots in preparation for ‘big garbage’ pick up on May 20thh, as well as send an email to the landowner who would “who I am sure would like to know what is happening on his land” said Mayor Scott.

Halfkenny quipped that the pamphlet “ Will end up being just another piece of garbage” but seemed pleased that the council was examining the problem.

Val MacDermid reported that the Environmental Committee, with help from many volunteers, was successful in planting 52 trees around the village.

Preparations continue for Port Elgin Public Library’s 50th anniversary reception on May 27th. Librarian Kate Grigg also announced that the library has two jobs for students this summer and will continue its popular “Litkids’ program for children who want help with reading over the summer.


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