Port Elgin Council Meeting – March 8, 2010

A delegation from the one trailer camp in the Port Elgin filled the chairs at the village council meeting last night, but the only speaker was Tony Fagan, a local resident who asked village council if he could buy the ‘park’ land.

Two issues seem to have brought the park to attention recently. One of the trailers in the park, although not officially on trailer land, is under pressure from fellow residents to improve its appearance. In another case, a trailer has been recently added to the park where there is no water or sewer connections and this is causing problems.

The trailer without any water connections is housing a victim of the recent storm surge, Stanley Silliker. In the aftermath of the storm Stanley was quoted by media saying he woke up to find his small house half filled with water. He was rescued from a tree were he had retreated to escape the water.

Fagan says the town gathered around to help Silliker, a well known character in Port Elgin, and that is why the trailer was recently set up. Fagan says that Silliker will not go back to his old land because “his is terrified of being flooded” so Fagan is pursuing a new piece of land for Silliker.

Fagan suggested that he could improve the trailer park, and with the help of a silent partner who specializes in water and sewer systems, make the camp into a ‘going concern’.

He said that the camp provides a good housing choice for people working at the window plant. Trailer camps are a good business, he said, “ But if you are running one, you put the nice trailers at the front of the gates, and you make sure that there are lawns, and that the whole place is nice looking”.

Deputy Mayor Val McDermid suggested that Tony put his offer to buy the park in writing.

Mayor Judy Scott said that at present the trailer camp was full and had a waiting list. She said that the council had been discussing what to do about the park and needed input from the residents of Port Elgin. Port Elgin does not have not have a by-law officer that could enforce property by-laws, so complaints about ‘unsightly premises’ or sanitary conditions have to be brought to the council.

In other news, Councilor Tanya Trenholm reported that her recent fun day was canceled because “ you can’t skate on grass’ but is busy planning a free community Easter Egg Hunt for Saturday April third at the park across from the Needs store. Children are welcome to bring their own Easter baskets and search for toys and treats while their parents enjoy the coffee canteen. Funds raised by this spring celebration will go towards the Park Project.

Sergeant Paul Ouellete from the RCMP reported to council that two positive drug searches, or “drug busts’, had been accomplished in the last month. The sergeant said that one of the busts was in the village and one just outside. He said that he is happy to “ dissuade people from selling narcotics” in the village.


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