Port Elgin Council Meeting – June, 2010

Councilor Joanne Trenholm reported to council last night on a ‘ excellent table top exercise” with Randy Robinson, Manager of Community Preparedness NB Emergency Measures Organization, in which the village reviewed the actions taken following the destructive storm surge last January, and discussed what they would do in the possible case of a overturned propane truck. Terry Murphy, EMO Coordinator and Port Elgin’s Fire Chief, Steve Alward were in attendance.

The exercise was informative: Councilor Trenholm said they learned that the village did not need to declare a state of emergency during the flooding, but also, that they should not have let people return to their homes. Fire Chief Alward was surprised to find that the Fire Department is not responsible for evacuation of nursing homes (staff are especially trained for this procedure).

“We didn’t do anything wrong”, said Councilor Trenholm,” but we could have done things better”.

Council is planning to create a second in command to support Terry Murphy. “ We should have a assistant coordinator”, said Councilor Terry Legere, newest member of council, “ to share the responsibility”.

In other news:

Deputy Mayor Val MacDermid attended a municipal workshop on Climate Change in Fredericton as part of the villages ‘s commitment to completing the Partners for Change Initiative organized by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. MacDermid pledged to complete the first milestone of action, a greenhouse gas inventory fro the village, that will be done voluntarily, she hopes, by a Mount Allison student as part of their studies.

The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan for Port Elgin will now be known as “Picture Port Elgin”. Twenty two surveys have been completed regarding a vision for Port Elgin’s future, and further work is being done to gather public opinion about how the residents see their community developing over the next thirty years.

In her environmental report MacDermid thanked Alison Scott and her son Gavin Hardie for their generous donation of time and flowers after they planted twenty two yellow day lilies in the Main Street park. MacDermid also reported that the villages’ heating bill decreased by $ 4000, or one quarter, last year. “Insulation and other initiatives have helped with these costs”, says MacDermid.


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