Port Elgin Cultural Policy 2009

Local businesswoman and artist Linda Lukey has requested that the Port Elgin Council consider creating a cultural policy for the municipality. Linda would like to create an organization that would apply for grants to promote arts and culture.

“We could amalgamate the Historical Society with the Exhibition group and the whole group would represent the municipality’, said Lukey. She says that Sackville and Memramcook have cultural policies and are eligible for many different grants. Both communities are well known for their support and promotion of the arts. “There is major money out there and we could be part of it”, says Lukey.

Lukey says that individual artists are keen on the idea. “I think it is a good thing”, says Rachel Morouney, long time resident of Port Elgin and popular potter, “ It would give us an opportunity to show what we can do”. Rachel points out that there are many individual artists in the Port Elgin area, and  “Something to bring us together would be great”.

Jerry Albert from the Department of Canadian Heritage says that communities that want to apply for funds need to organize at least one event that is more than one calender day, and then for the next event they can apply for the ‘Building Communities through Arts and Heritage’ grant(BCAH).


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