Port Elgin Council Meeting – December 14 2009

Deputy Mayor Val MacDermid is pleased to be raising awareness around environmental issues as well as reducing the energy used by Port Elgin’s village buildings.

Last year Port Elgin council had an Energy Audit done on the village buildings and they are now looking forward to the final test to see how well all the work has paid off. Since the audit, Port Elgin has had installed motion light detectors, an energy management system and a lot of insulation. “ The test should be soon”, says MacDermid, “ and we hope to see a major difference”.

MacDermid told council last night that the Intent to Apply Form has been sent to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. MacDermid hopes to spend the last of the gas tax funds on the environmental initiative.

In other news:

Councilor Tanya Trenholm reported that Midnight Madness was a great success, “This year we had fire trucks for the children to investigate and the kids seemed more excited about the trucks then meeting Santa Claus”. The Victorian Veranda, an inn located along the river, reported that they had eighty-three people visit them during the evening for snacks and a Christmas carol sing along.

In unfinished business, the village has received two offers for the defunct village truck. Both applications offered $200 dollars for the truck. The payment is due by Friday noon with the expectation that the truck will be out of the garage by the weekend. “ We can re-tender the offer, but if both applicants offer exactly the same amount more, we’ll be stuck again” said Councilor Joanne Trenholm.
The emphasis is to get the truck out of the building, says Joanne, so that it will be out of the way of work and snow removal.

Local business woman Linda Lukey thanked the village council for their support of the Tourism Kiosk set up by the river. With the help of the local businesses, the cost for the large informative sign was only fifty dollars. One side of the sign is awaiting a map of the area.


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