Port Elgin Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Public Library- May, 2010

With the recently renovated library decorated with streamers, balloons and fresh flowers, about 30 local residents joined librarian Kate Grigg, retired librarian Betty Davis, the Chair of the Board, Nancy Oulton, as well as the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Public Library Service, Sylvie Nadeau, and other representatives from the provincial library system, for a celebration of the library’s 50th year.

In Nadeau’s speech she thanked the local residents for making such good use of the library, and she said that the commitment of the library board could be “seen and felt” by the provincial library board. She thanked the present village council, who were very supportive of the recent renovations, and past councils, especially the council that “had the vision to request a library and make it so”.

She said that all the different elements working together, and “each of us doing our role to the best of our ability” was the key to the library’s enduring success. Nadeau reminded Port Elgin residents that the entire New Brunswick library system was at their fingertips with two million books available through the Vision Catalog, as well as useful links and electronic resources on the library’s website that are not free on the web but provided for by the library system.

“There is one card, one collection, all yours, no charge and no questions asked, we did something right when we set that up in our province”.

Deputy Mayor Val MacDermid thanked everyone for turning out, made apologies for the size of the library, possibly the smallest in the province, and and said that the staff had always made the library a success by their enthusiasm and friendliness. “ Sometimes I call the library at night and leave a message about a book I want to reserve,” said MacDermid, “ Maybe I should stop doing that”.


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