Dorchester Council Meeting – May, 2010

Dorchester’s Deputy Mayor Jerome Bear appointed Fire Chief Greg Partridge to three more years as board member of the Westmorland-Albert Solid Waste Corporation where he represents the village council.

Partridge was content to continue attending meetings and reporting back to council on the interesting developments of a corporation that is so clearly on the forefront of waste management that an environmental class from Mount Allison is planning to hold some of their classes on the site.

In the news this month from Westmorland-Albert, the corporation is going to create a walking trail for the benefit of the employees who want to take a walk at their dinner break. They are also planning some new buildings, one of which will house a ‘free store’.

Working from the premise that one man’s garbage is another man’s find, salvageable goods that are thrown into the garbage will be selected and cleaned up before being set up in the ‘free store’ where people will be able to take away the items.

In other news:

Councilor Robert Corkerton announced organizational meetings for the upcoming Shiretown Days Festival that will be held June 8-13th. The theme this year is based on medieval times and events include a children’s parade and pet show on Friday June 11th, as well as a big fair on Saturday including games, Medieval actors, a pipe and drum band and water slide.

Councilor Grant MacDonald reported that two leaks had been located and fixed in the water system, with a reported 50,000 gallons a day escaping before they were fixed. “As you can imagine, our treatment center was working over time” said Councilor MacDonald.

A celebration has been set up on June 17th at 6:30 pm for the 50th anniversary of the Dorchester Public Library. Chair of the Library Board, Susan Spence, says that there has been a library ‘ of sorts’ in Dorchester for 150 years but only ‘officially’ for the last fifty years. Local MLA Mike Olscamp will be there as well as the Sylvie Nadeau, the Executive Director of the New Brunswick Public Library Service, who will present the library with a gift of books.


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