Dorchester Council Meeting – July 19, 2010

A party advertised on facebook as the ‘last bash’ at an abandoned Dorchester warehouse infamous for wild gatherings drew as many as 70 young people on Saturday night. According to Acting Corporal Leger no charges were laid for drunken or dangerous driving because of RCMP presence, “We had two members going up and down the dirt road all night so the word was out, and all the cars had designated sober drivers”.

Although there were no complaints from residents about squealing tires, cars were driven into the privately owned building during the evening. Leger reported that although he had requested that the owner of the building block the entrance with a trench, this had not been done and cars were driven recklessly inside the building. The RCMP’s main concern was that someone would get hurt or killed due to this activity.

In other news, Council debated the cost of hall rentals at St. Edwards, their local community hall.
An increasingly popular Zumba exercise class, taught by local resident Savannah Morin, has drawn attention to the issue of hall costs. Morin is paying $20 a night, three times a week for her classes, that at times have a full class of 40 people. The fee for the hall is usually set at $50 for the day.

Morin requested a discount from council and Councilor Kim MacLeod was adamant in her support of the class, saying that it was a community health issue, “I feel she should get a discount. I think it is beneficial to the community”. Councilor Grant MacDonald agreed with some hesitancy, “I don’t want to lose her, but I don’t want to set up a precedent”, he said. The issue was tabled until council had set up a meeting with Morin for further discussion.

Councilor MacLeod also reported on the Tantramar Planning District Commission decision to reduce the numbers of representatives on the planning commission. According to MacLeod, meetings were frequently being canceled and time wasted when officially appointed representatives from councils were not turning up.“If we do not have a quorum, then we are all at the meeting for no reason”, said MacLeod, “As long as the cut backs are proportional I think it would be a good idea”.

Councilor MacDonald agreed that cut backs could be beneficial if “things were being held up”. However, Deputy Mayor Jerome Bear pointed out that smaller communities already had less representation than larger towns. It was agreed to table the issue while gathering more information on the subject.


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