Cape Jourimain has new Executive Director- May, 2010

Cape Jourimain, the Nature Center located near the bridge to P.E.I. that offers a natural wildlife area for bird watching and hiking as well as a popular restaurant, camps, workshops and interactive displays on ecology, will open the season on May 21st with a new Executive Director at the helm.

After five year of dedication to the Nature Center, Sabine Dietz has left Cape Jourimain to pursue her Phd in biology.

Greg Fallon, most recently employed by as Vice President of Plant Operations at Cooke Aquaculture based in Blacks Harbour, N.B., has taken over the position of Executive Director.

Chair of the Board, Bill Prescott, says that Greg has a lot of experience in management and “ an extensive business background”. Greg’s business acumen and personal interest in the environment made him an ideal candidate.

“We are hoping that this will help to keep Cape Jourimain afloat” says Prescott, “We can’t depend on the government supporting us financially forever, so we are trying to see what we can do about generating a bit more money”.

Although Fallon does not have direct experience in environmental organizations, Cooke Aquaculture, whose motto is “refusing to go with the flow’, has won awards for their sound management and environmental sustainability.

Fallon has worked for a number of food processing companies over the years including Nestle’s in Ontario and Ganong in New Brunswick. Greg was drawn to Cape Jourimain because he “wanted to do something more meaningful than just work for corporations”.

Fallon, who has only been in place for a few weeks, says that he is still formulating his plans. “I can foresee the environmental aspect of what we do becoming increasingly important to partners that I hope to be able to develop”.

Fallon says that he sees Cape Jourimain as a communication hub for information on renewable energy. He says that he is hoping to develop connections between people who need information and the organizations that can provide it.


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