Atlantic Windows Donates Windows to PEDVAC in Port Elgin- Aug. 2010

PEDVAC’s (Port Elgin District Voluntary Action Council) director Val MacDermid is very happy about a recent gift from Port Elgin’s largest employer, Atlantic Windows Ltd.

The staff at PEDVAC, a non profit organization that offers many services to the Port Elgin area, such as literacy training, advocacy, income tax return assistance, employment assistance and youth programs, have struggled with high heating costs and lack of air circulation in the building for years.

Now the old Catholic school house that houses PEDVAC has all new windows throughout the building, as well as new front doors. This recent renovation is due to a generous gift from Atlantic Windows, a successful business that has invests in the local community.

MacDermid says that Atlantic Windows is a community minded business that regularly gives to PEDVAC. Rob Miller, President of Atlantic Windows and a part owner, says that Atlantic Windows’ commitment to PEDVAC “goes back prior to us owning the business, Al Anctil, who founded the business in 1983, had always been a great supporter of PEDVAC, and PEDVAC has always been a great support to the community of Port Elgin”.

Miller says that Atlantic Windows has had remarkable growth, “We have tripled our employment in the last twelve years, and we have relied more heavily on the community for employment and support. So as our business has grown we have felt that we needed to reach out and find ways to support the community in a bigger way than we had already been doing”.

“We had no problem offering the full thirty seven windows (and the installation costs). There is no point doing a job partially. Let’s get that building nice and fresh and energy efficient and give them a better place to work”.


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